Founded in 2016, le-idea® is a professional company that specializes in manufacturing RC drones.


Our Team

The innovative youth team never stop to explore the perfect experience of drone toys. Since the establishment, our powerful team has devoted themselves to programs of R&D drone.


Our Story

LE-IDEA was started by Gibet who specialized in researching drone circuit boards for more than 16 years. 

During the start-up, everything was difficult. In order to make the dream come ture, his wife Jenny helped Gibet who focuss on R&D drone create a company called LE-IDEA. While taking care of two children, Jenny also made good effort of LE-IDEA.


Our Vision

To help every customer, every family, and every single person to explore and record every wonderful moment with immersive aerial flight.
Take your drone which can inspire the passion of life and enjoy it.


Contact Us:

Email: support2@le-idea.cn

Guangzhou Le Idea Technology Limited Company